The Top Beach Weddings Destination in Kerala

Wedding is one occasion that love birds from all around the world look forward to with much love, warmth and excitement. On that day, two souls bound by love, are then bond together for life in the name of holy matrimony. Weddings celebrate your love to your better half. A onetime affair that you want to make memorable. Won’t you want it special? Then go for the top beach wedding destination in Kerala.

Visualize yourself holding hands and slipping the wedding ring onto the finger of your loved one as the waves of the calm blue ocean laps the gold brown beaches whose warmth and soft touch of silky expanse on your toes gives you that exotic feeling, complemented by the lovely wind coming from afar. The golden sun blesses you with his shine. Beach weddings are beautiful. They let you enjoy the beauty of the moment, the celebration of your romance in all of its glamour and tranquility.

Hence it is no surprise that beach weddings are one of the most sought after forms of wedding all around the globe. To realize your wedding in all its richness, India has a plethora of beaches to offer. With its vast sea shores and rich culture, varied heritage and diverse cuisine, Kerala indeed stands out from all other. Beach wedding in “God’s own country” entails blessings of the vast tranquil sea, feral nature, and sun kissed beaches. Three strongest forces of the nature vouching for your love to the spouse-to-be. Dotted with palm trees and its varied beaches and backwaters asserting its unique identity, Kollam is definitely the place to be in. The top beach wedding destination in Kerala.

But when you plan your wedding, you want it in all beauty and perfection, from hotel rooms to the cuisine at dinner. Hence choosing the right hotel becomes a very crucial decision. One of the most sought after beach wedding hotel in the pristine land of Kerala is the The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Centre, Kollam. Rated one of the top 10 on trip advisor, The Quilon Beach Hotel is the perfect destination for you dream wedding. A luxury 5 Star hotel with over 95 rooms offering a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea till the horizon, Quilon is the ideal host for you to swear your love to your beloved. The richness of the south Indian cuisine emphasises the richness of you love. Couples make beautiful memories here as they walk on the beach at night with their better half, as the stars smile down and whisper their love story. You can also make use of its Ayurveda spa center to calm yourself or for recreation of your guests. With an attached bar and even a pastry shop, all your needs and wishes would be taken care of. Quilon Beach Hotel is indeed one of the best hotels in Kerala to celebrate your love.

May the day you bond with your loved one be one of the most beautiful and exotic memories you earn as you walk into a celestial world of pleasure and love of the holy matrimony.

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