Thankassery Breakwater Tourism Park

Thankassery Breakwater Tourism Park

Kollam ∙ The Thankassery Breakwater Tourism Park, which has been set up at a cost of Rs 5 crore on two and a half acres of land owned by the Harbor Engineering Department near the Thankassery Light House, was inaugurated today. Minister PA Muhammad Riaz will inaugurate at 4 pm. M.Mukesh MLA will preside.

Enjoy the beauty of the sea

Thankassery Breakwater Tourism Park is built at the entrance of Thangassery break water system. The design of the park overlooks the part of the sea separated by a causeway. There is a calm sea on one side and a rough sea on the other side. An open-air auditorium with a seating capacity of 400 people, a view tower to enjoy the beauty of the sea, seats facing the sea, cycle track, kiosks, children’s playground, tourist information center and toilet block are all attached to the park. Attached has been prepared. The tourism department also plans to set up water sports facilities within the park.

First opening in 2021

It has been months since the construction of Thankassery Breakwater Tourism Park, which started years ago, was completed. On February 21, 2021, the initial construction was done and the park was inaugurated. But the opening of the park to the public was delayed as there was no agreement between the departments regarding management rights. With the realization of the project, a big leap is expected in the coastal tourism sector.

At Thangassery Breakwater Tourism Park, the construction of the gate at the entrance is also to be completed. The authorities are planning to prepare a new gate soon using MLA funds. The tender process for hotel and kiosks within the park will also start after the inauguration.

Entry to Thangassery Breakwater Tourism Park will be free this month. Next month the entrance fee to the park will be Rs 10. The rate may be increased later. Entry time is fixed from 2 pm to 8 pm. Fees for other special facilities within the park, such as water sports, will be determined later. The final decision regarding the fee will be taken in the meeting to be held today under the leadership of the minister.

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