Top Beaches to Visit in Kollam

Who doesn’t love a beach holiday? From an escape from the busy city life to action-packed beach activities, beach holidays are everyone’s paradise. One such paradise that stands out in the global picture lies on the coast of the enchanting Arabian Sea. An antique port city and a once upon a time bustling harbour city of Chinese, French and Dutch, one of the favourite tourist spots from over 400 hundred years ago, Kollam is home to an array of beaches. Even to this day, we can observe Chinese fishing nets, Chinese water pots and sampan-like boats finding it’s home along Kollam’ harbour. Attracting huge flocks of tourist each day, Top Beaches to visit in Kollam are one certainly not to miss.

1. Kollam beach

If you really don’t want to travel much far away from the  Kollam city, then the Kollam beach is one of the top beaches to visit in Kollam. It is also called Mahatma Gandhi beach (or M.G beach in short), it is just a couple of km from the centre of town. Quite popular as the best beach to go for that morning jog or evening walk, the beach is adorned with a mesmerising garden and beautiful walkways.

But what makes the Kollam beach stand out is the 144-meter long antique lighthouse that tourist flock in large sums to climb in and experience. The beach also features an international level national park going by the name Mahatma Gandhi Park, named after the national father and prominent freedom fighter of India.

2. Varkala

Actually a part of the Trivandrum district, however, the beach is closer to Kollam than Trivandrum City and hence it is one of the top beaches to visit in Kollam. Quite a calm and relaxing beach, it lies on the outskirts of the city.  Decked by beautiful golden beaches, an ancient temple, curative springs and an Ashramam, Varkala is the perfect destination for a beach holiday.

Varkala has a different aura from the common beaches, that of a holy spirit lending a soul cleansing experience. The Varkala beach is renowned for a holy spring which s considered to have many medicinal and curative properties. Thousands of pilgrims flock each year to take a dip in the holy water and purge their body and soul of all impurities, which is why the Varkala Beach is also known as the “Papanasam Beach” meaning “sin purging”

The two-thousand-year-old shrine the Janardhanaswamy Temple stands on the cliffs overlooking the beach. The Sivagiri Mutt, founded by the great religious reformer and philosopher Sree Narayana Guru (1856 – 1928) is also close by. He propagated the ideology of ” one caste, one religion and one God”, in a society torn by the taboos of the caste system. His Samadhi attracts thousands of his admirers and pilgrims each year.

The lovely beach imposing over the cliff, the great lookouts, the fine sandy beach, the vibrancy and the uplifting feel is something that only Varkala can offer. A beach you shouldn’t miss at all.

3. Thirumullavaram

Thirumullavaram beach is one of the twin beautiful beaches in the Cashew Capital of the World-Kollam.  Quite a secluded beach suitable for evening strolls, the dancing palm trees and slow beats for the calm waves gives you an austral feeling to the soul.

The beach holds with all pride and glory, an ancient temple of Lord Vishnu that conducts annually the very famous  Karkidaka Vavubali rituals. Thousands of devotees arrive on the beach to perform the Vavubali Tharpanam every year. Another allurement would definitely be the water hillock named Njarazhcha Para which means Sunday Rock. During low tides, this hillock can be seen clearly from the shore about one and a half km into the sea.

Other top beaches to visit in kollam that you definitely won’t want to miss would be the Thangasseri beach, Paravoor beach, Eravipuram – Kakkathoppe beach, Azheekal Beach etc. If you are a true beach lover, then make sure that whilst you are at Kollam, book your stay at the ravishing Quilon Beach Hotel, where you could rest to the calming beats of oceans site and relax enjoying a beautiful view of the amazing beaches while pampering yourself with the best food of the Kollam Cuisine. Don’t miss out on the once in a lifetime mesmerising experience.

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