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Must try Food and Cuisines of Kollam

Food is not just of the tool of survival. Food is art and Cuisine the different forms. It is said that you can tell a lot of the history and culture of a land, from its cuisine. Bygone are the days when people ate because they were hungry. Now rather than to live, many live to eat. We live in an era where people travel just to check out the various cuisine in each land, and today I am here to talk about must try food and cuisines of Kollam.

If you are an awesome fan of food especially seafood, then read on.  For a coastal city with a labyrinth of water channels that make up the famous backwaters of Kerala, it’s no surprise that Kollam reigns over as one of the top places to go for seafood.

Watch your exotic dinner being freshly caught off the lake, as the Chinese fishing nets or fishing rods grab the delicacy to be served in the most Kerala way possible. You know what you shouldn’t probably miss?‘Karimeen Porichathu’. This is the signature dish of the backwaters especially Kollam and Alappuzha. Watch the delicious pearl spot fish being marinated, wrapped in green banana leaves and broiled to finally arrive at your dinner plate along with some ‘nadan kall’. Experience food as the rich hot spicy fish fry seeps into your tongue to exhilarate your taste buds as the warm smell of the same is adored by your senses.  This would leave you wanting for more and more. Trust me! You must try all the food and cuisines of Kollam.

If I were to name another irresistible, that would be the ‘Fish Moilee’. With rich coconut milk-based gravy, served alongside fresh appams or the traditional Kerala rice, you would find yourself closing your eyes down and mouthing “Mhhhhhmmmmmmm” as your senses submit themselves before the royal Kollam Cuisine. Its a must try among all food and cuisines of Kollam.

What would be another fish combination of food that you would want to try? Tapioca it is. The Kappa(local translation for Tapioca) and Meen Curry is another signature combination.You might also want to try other various seafood varieties that go just as well as the above, may it be prawn, crab curry, Meen Peera’, mussel stir-fry, ‘Fish Mappaas’ etc

Want to check out something apart from seafood, head straight to Quilon Beach Hotel to check out the Kollam Dum Biriyani. Prepared with a special mix of traditional and authentic spices from the land of spices, the Kollam Dum Biriyani is cooked real slow so as to let those flavours seep in. When it finally arrives for you to relish on, we promise you, your senses will simply be blown away.

If you are in a mood for a drink, you should definitely check out Quilon’s best five-star bar at the Quilon Beach Hotel. This high-rated hotel has an excellent Bar that serves all varieties of drinks that is served alongside fresh seafood, continental and Indian cuisine.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your packs, jump on a plane and fly into Kollam to immerse in an experience of a lifetime.

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