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Thanni Beach a must visit attraction in Kollam.

Thanni beach is located 10 Km from Kollam Town along the coastal strip near to Mayyanadu. Thanni beach is situated alongside the mayyanadu-paravoor backwaters and is an ideal holiday spot.You can reach the beach via the coastal road from Kollam Beach and also from Mayyanadu via Thanni bridge. Mayyanad is a village in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India. Mayyanad is located in the south western suburbs of Kollam district, Kollam city about 10 kilometres south of the city centre and 6 kilometres north of Paravur Town. Thanni Beach a must visit attraction in Kollam according to Kerala Tourism Guide.

Thanni Beach is less crowded and mostly calm for those who love to spend some time alone watching the waves and it is sure to keep you in trance. One can spend time getting engaged in yoga, meditation, fishing, kite flying, football, volleyball, cycling etc. Sunsets are quite unique and refreshing to watch at Thanni Beach. The Beaches have many a breakwaters to reduce the intensity of the waves and it makes the coast more safe. It is also home to many a fisherman community and one can easily spot many a fishing boats in the horizon during sunset. It makes Thanni Beach a must visit attraction in Kollam. Paravur is a beautiful beach- backwaters destination, around 20 kms south of Kollam. With a thin stretch of narrow land dividing the sea and Pravur lake, the beach is ideal to sit and gaze at the natural beauty. The presence of strong currents make it unsuitable for swimming or other water activities.

The Coastal road from Kollam connects Thanni Beach , Paravoor Beach, Kappil Beach, Edava Beach and finally to Varkala Beach. The coastal zone is split among Kollam and Trivandrum Districts. It is one of the unique and unexplored beaches in Kollam and it makes Thanni Beach a must visit attraction in Kollam.

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