Malamel Rock & Temple

About Malamel Rock & Temple

Malamel is located at Arackal village in Edamulakkal Grama Panchayath. The
place is noted for its beautiful locales, mainly high rising rocks that offer uninterruptive view for miles around. The main attraction is the ancient “Sankara Narayana” temple on the rock face. The temple has 5 doors and is considered to be divine and ancient because of the close proximity of  Jadayupara (Chadayamangalam). It has also a cave at extreme left of the temple, into which a British Adventurer in the year 1946, tried in vain to venture, and which leads to the Kulathupuzha Forest. This cave is believed to
be a haven for very venomous snakes. The rock spreads within 13 hectors of land. The “Nadukanippara” which has maximum height, offers a panoramic view.