Ayurveda Stress Relief Package

Ayurveda Stress Relief Package

Rs 3,999+ GST Per Person


ABHYAYANGAM is a typical Kerala massage with specific herbal oils. It is one of a magnificent treatment in Ayurveda to nourish and revitalize the body tissue and remove toxins and impurities from the cells. It’s one of the most rejuvenating treatments of Ayurveda.                                           

SIRO ABHYANGAM is smoothing massage of the head, neck as shoulder with special stocks and relaxation massaging steps. This treatment helps curing in insomnia, headache cooling to the eye, relive headache, and reduce tension.

SWEDHANAM is the treatment where the body is treated with medicated steam introduce to the wooden cabin. This treatment is effective in improving blood circulation and removes poison’s effect in the body eliminating impurities in the body.


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