Ayurveda Packages - Panchakarma Therapy

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Ayurveda Packages - Panchakarma Therapy

A fivefold treatment, which includes different massages, internal herbal teas and treatment like Nasyam (Nasal drops), Virechanam (purgation), Vasthy (Enema therapy) etc. This is for the mental and physical wellbeing- tones the body, mind, breath, nerves and purifiesthe blood. It takes a minimum of 14 up to 28 days for the treatment

Room Types  and Packages

Deluxe Single   -  07-Days   -  (INR- 58,100), (EURO- 736), (USD-830)
                              14-Days   -  (INR -1,16,200), (EURO-1471), (USD-1660)
                              21-Days   -  (INR-1,74,300), (EURO-2207), (USD-2490)

Deluxe Double  -  07-Days   -  (INR-81,200), (EURO-1028), (USD-1160)
                              14-Days    - (INR-1,62,400), (EURO-2056), (USD-2320)
                              21-Days    - (INR-2,43,600), (EURO-3084), (USD-3480)

Premium Single - 07-Days    - (INR-68,600), (EURO-869), (USD-980)
                               14-Days    - (INR-1,37,200), (EURO-1737), (USD-1960)
                               21-Days    - (INR-2,05,800), (EURO-2606), (USD-2940)

Premium Double - 07 Days    - (INR-91,700), (EURO-1161), (USD-1310)
                                14 Days   - (INR-1,83,400), (EURO-2322), (USD-2620)
                                21 Days   - (INR- 2,75,100), (EURO-3483), (USD-3930)


•    Accommodation as per the category of room booking 
•    Daily Ayurveda treatments 
•    Ayurveda vegetarian full board meal 
•    Initial, daily and final consultation by the doctor 
•    Free medicines during the treatment period 
•    Composition of an individual Ayurveda diet menu 
•    All applicable taxes



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